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Timed out in Launcher update. // Couldn't load launcher core / Runtime environment error



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      Hi, guys. I did a little research on the bug with launcher.dll.

      In General, these two bugs are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT:

      I will now talk about a bug where you can find a Timed out 443 error in the log.

      And it is for this bug, the solution must be found by Mojang and this solution will be to refuse/transfer the necessary files to download the launcher to a different IP from

      The thing is, this IP and sometimes subdomens of cloudfront.net not available on some Internet providers.

      Like me. I live in Russia in Moscow, and a week ago I did not have this bug. Yesterday I discovered this bug when I was updating the launcher. The launcher wanted to update itself and did not let me in the game.

      I took a laptop and connected it to the distributed Internet from my phone, not my home router, and everything works. The launcher is downloaded and everything is installed without any problems. I tracked the IP that the launcher is accessing and checked it together with help from the provider's technical support. And we found that this IP address was blocked by the decision of the Federal tax service of Russia in July 2019.

      BLACKLIST LINK: https://reestr.rublacklist.net/record/1639617/
      (Find it IP Address w/ Ctrl+F)

      UPD: Indeed, I noticed that launchermeta.mojang.com today, it already addresses IP, which resolves from the subdomain http://d1dulol58c5ch1.cloudfront.net/. Yesterday, it resolved in the IP above. 


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