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Minecraft Launcher shows incorrect download value (More inside this bug)


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    • 2.1.7660 (Windows Beta)
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    • Windows 10 Pro Build 1903 x64 (I don't remember the build version)
      8.00 GB Physical ram
      Java Version 8
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      So today I decided to try the 19w40a new 1.15 snapshot, I opened Minecraft Launcher normally and continued on, I launched Minecraft when it wasn't even downloaded yet and gives me an error, then I tried again it works but however the "Downloading" was showing the incorrect downloaded size

      The default download size system was like this if I know:

      Downloading <Downloaded size in MB>/<Download size in MB>


      But it showed me the Downloaded size incorrect:
      "Downloading 4445MB/64.24MB"

      It shows me the downloaded size larger than the download size, the downloaded size keeps rising until the download stopped.

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