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Older versions of minecraft (<1.13) crash instantly (Linux Mint)


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    • 1.6.91 (legacy)
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    • I am using Linux Mint (XFCE). I have OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 installed on my computer but I am not sure which one Minecraft is using.
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      I am trying to run older versions of Minecraft, and I'm using the latest launcher on Linux Mint. Any version of Minecraft less than 1.12 crashes instantly. I am then prompted with the "Error: Game crashed" prompt, but clicking "View crash report" does nothing.

      Versions I have tried:
      1.14 (Optifine) - works
      1.14 - works
      1.13 - works
      1.12 - doesn't work
      1.8.9 - doesn't work
      1.7.10 - doesn't work

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