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Game doesn't launch with dedicated gpu



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    • 2.1.1462 (Windows) / 2.1.1433 (Mac OS) / 2.1.1431 (Linux), 2.1.2480-2.1.2482
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    • Linux. Fedora 28 with kernel 5.0.7
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      With the new launcher the way to launch the game with my dedicated amd gpu( instead of the intergrated intel one) has changed. It used to be that all I had to do was to pass DRI_PRIME=1 before the launch command. Now the launcher doesn't pass these arguments to the game so I have made this script instead.


      #! /bin/sh
      export DRI_PRIME=1
      exec java "$@"

      and use the custom java executable to launch with it.

      Now, something is happening because the game doesn't launch at all when I use this. The error from the launcher log is this


      [0422/190550:WARNING:x11_util.cc(1404)] X error received: serial 773, error_code 180 (GLXBadWindow), request_code 154, minor_code 32 (X_GLXDestroyWindow)
      [0422/190550:WARNING:x11_util.cc(1404)] X error received: serial 779, error_code 3 (BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)), request_code 4, minor_code 0 (X_DestroyWindow)


      Keep in mind, the game launches just fine with the integrated gpu. Also the game is still running in the background as the launcher gives me a warning about it if I try to launch it again. I also assume this is a launcher bug as the error appears on launcher_log.txt


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