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Wrong Translations of Japanese



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      Some of the Japanese translations are wrong. Unfortunately I'm not a native speaker of Japanese, so I can only tell some obvious mistakes. There are also inconsistency translations, and I'll mention all of them in a sheet.

      Origin Key Current Japanese Suggested Translation Reason
      InterestLabels/interest_map_legend マップの伝説 地図の凡例/マップの凡例 the current one means The legend of Map (sounds like a literature). This mistake also happens in Chinese.
      Mission/netherwastes_name 暗黒界の廃棄物
      ネザーの荒地 1. Nether should not be translated; use katakana instead.
      2. Waste is translated as litter.
      Nether -> ネザー
      Inconsistency with Java Edition.
      crimsonforestLabels/name_crimson_forest クリムゾン フォレスト 真紅の森 current one is not translated, but according to Java Edition, should be translated; also having inconsistency with warped forest.
      Crimson -> 真紅(の)
      Mission/warpedforest_name ゆがんだ森 歪んだ森 inconsistency with crimson forest
      Warped -> 歪んだ
      ItemType/TwistingVineBow_Unique1 ウィーピングつたの弓 しだれツタの弓 Untranslated. Inconsistency with Java Edition.
      The Twisting Vine Bow is fine and corrent, consistent with Java Edition.
      Weeping Vine -> しだれツタ-
      ItemType/ChargedRedstoneMines 地雷を設置しよう 撒き地雷 means "Let's set up a land mine", a sentence instead of a item's name, "Scattered Mines".
      撒き地雷 is the translation given by otokoume, a Japanese Minecraft Wiki admin.
      ItemType/LightningRod 避雷針 雷の杖 the artifact is not the same as the vanilla copper made block, and this problem affects Bedrock Chinese (now fixed) as well. In fact, previously it was correct.
      Please keep the vanilla Minecraft of Lightning Rod as "避雷針", and change the Minecraft Dungeons one as "雷の杖".




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