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Infinite health with Health Boost enchantment


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      Howling Peaks just came out and there are new enchantments that give the gameplay new functions and builds, but this build can break the game. This glitch breaks the game by using the enchantment Health Boost and this is how it happened: I purposely died in one of the Howling Peaks levels, Gale Sanctum, 3 times, and then equipped a piece of armor with Health Boost on it after my 3rd life is gone and before you respawn with the last life. I realized that I can take hundreds of hits without dying, and it was on Apocalypse 7+20. I hovered over my health bar and saw this: 15 MILLION HP. I for sure knew this broke the game. I really hope this bug/glitch will be fixed soon. I saw this bug when someone is doing a playthrough. Yes, this was on YouTube.

            yinzhi24 Zhida Yin
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