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Character "automagically" triggering a movement to the bottom left of the screen



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      I use 2 screens, 2 GPU's (1 for each screen) (nvidia), Ryzen 3600x (in case of hardware relevancy). Edit: Main screen is 1440p, second is 1080p, I also have a TP-Link Wifi network card installed. Drivers have caused me bluescreens before (maybe they're doing/interfering with something to the dungeons files/processing?)

      For me, this particular bug is very reproducable, but not reliably and I haven't figured out a way of doing so consistently and predictably. What seems to happen is that some random event is triggered causing the (player) character to walk in the bottom-left direction of the map/screen consistently. While this certain "event" or "bug" is triggered the character is unable to move in any other direction then the previously specified by using the hold-to-move-your-character way of moving, although I can seem to move my character using the point-and-click way of moving the character.

      In the Soggy Swamp level, I've seen the glitch make the character run into the green out-of-bounds drab and keep running while not respawning. Sadly, I haven't been able to catch that on video after starting the recording (as usual), however I have been able to catch the bug on tape.

      The glitch is visible shortly after the 3:55 mark in the video (Linked due to it being 25x the upload limit), at which point only point-to-click is working (as I figured out towards the end of the video) with hold-to-move-character resulting in the player character moving to the bottom left of the screen.

      Repairing the launcher hasn't worked, and neither has fully unplugging the second screen. Edit: Switching GPU's didn't resolve anything either.

      The glitch seems to go away when targeting/attacking an enemy, so my guess would be that for some reason the enemy target is focused on the entity pool (or what else is used to keep the entities from continuously bottling the processing) since that would give some kind of explanation for the weird movement. Edit: pathfinding issues?

      Another explanation could be due to something regarding wrongful terrain rendering, since it only seems to happen in a few set spots and disappears when you point-and-click out of a certain area. Haven't spent enough time testing to prove anything regarding that statement being fully consistent all the time though.

      I've seen a few reports regarding this bug, but I haven't seen any that actually provide any screenshots or proof of random happening, so I figured I'd submit this one anyways. ~Q


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