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The accessibility onboarding screen can not display any language other than English (US)


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      Currently, this screen only shows when the options.txt is not detected.

      Since you can't access the language option by this screen without quit it, and maually set language in options.txt is not considered start the game at the first time. I'm a user of the official launcher, when a game started using this launcher, it actually can not display any other languages than English (US) without any advanced tweaks (like JVM arguments), it is not friendly to non-English native speaker.

      This is obviously not a intended behavior, because these strings is uploaded to Crowdin for translate.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Delete options.txt, start the game, this screen will display using English (US).
      2. Delete options.txt, and add the language line to it (e.g: "lang:zh_cn"), start the game, this screen will not shown.

      Expected result: The screen will shown using the specified language.

      Observed result: The screen will not shown, or shown using English (US).

      Possibile solutions:

      1. Allow the access to the language option without quit this screen by adding a button to the language screen.

      2. Make an exception of the "lang" line when detecting options.txt. (currently, it can cooperate with "onboardAccessibility" option when a options.txt is fully generated to allow displaying another language, but still inconvient)

      3. Detect player's location automatically.

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