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Bees anger towards players in survival when killed in one hit


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      If killed in one hit, bees will still anger towards the player while playing the death animation.  This can be seen by the bee's texture changing as it angers and dies.  This is confirmed by testing a loot table condition using the nbt tag "{Anger:0}", the loot table will execute in creative mode or if the bee has the tag "{NoAI:1}", but not in survival with AI enabled.

      No other neutral mob has this behavior, for example untamed wolves will not change their texture when killed by a player in survival in one hit, and applying the same loot table test confirms this.  Zombie Pigmen will not aggravate other pigmen around it if killed on one hit by a player in survival.

      Because no other neutral mob behaves this way, this bee behavior is likely unintended.

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