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Breeding the same animal over and over.



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      I'm using a mouse and keyboard to play Xbox Minecraft Bedrock v1.14.1 and I stumbled across a problem. I recently built a cow farm and am using the 1-block farm. Where you cramp them in 1 block, make them bounce up and down with water from a dispenser that is at their feet.

      The problem I have is that when I try to feed the animals, the same animal can eat the wheat. I mean i knew that if I hold right click only animals that didn't already eat will be fed. 

      I have tried using the controller to feed them, but the same problem. I have tried literally to just look at a sheep/cow and I can feed it a whole stack of wheat.

      Now I don't understand, is this some sort of update or bug? Because for me it doesn't seem normal for just one animal to eat how many wheat you have to offer. Only animals that didn't already eat should be able to.

      I can't have farms this way.


      Is there someone who can help with some answers please, I'm kinda desperate because you need farms if you really want to do something.




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