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Issue with chat, name tags, signs, book and quill, renaming, everything writing related


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      so basically I have purchased a realm - signs and chat are crucial for communication


      Signs, naming in anvils, books and quills, name tags and the chat all don't work.

      if I write in a sign it'll go on the sign but than disappear straight away same with name tags and naming

      another issue is the chat- you can type in the chat and it says youve sent it but no one else can see it 

      With name tags and every item being named in an anvil you go through normal procedure place the item in Mae it and hear the sound and it'll put in your inventory straight after and say the new name you gave it but basically and it does that than teleports back to the input in the anvil unnamed 

      TRY IT FOR YOURSELF - I tried to film an example but It exceeded the limit 

      I really need this fixed because name tags are crucial in farms

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