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Text on nametags, signs, chat text, books, naming items all don't work on bedrock realms


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    • 1.18.31
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    • Bedrock edition 1.18 update
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      All items involving using text do not show up in bedrock realms. You can't text in chat, write in books, rename nametags, write on signs or name items. Whenever we do so, the text does not show once we select enter or "done".

      For a realm that involves lots of players it makes communication very hard.

      The negative effects of this includes:

      • All unamed mobs and villagers disappearing/despawning
      • Shops in our realm unable to communicate prices so unintentional theft occurs
      • Players unable to use external communication are unable to interact with others (e.g, children with no mobiles, socials, etc.)
      • Player interactions in mitigates on realms poorly effect the players ability to understand instructions rules or ability to actually play any mini games created in the realm

      This has only occurred since 1.18. When searching for more answers, results of reddit users on bedrock realms have the same issue. 

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