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Nether Portal coords broken


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    • 1.17.2
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    • Bedrock Edition (PlayStation 4)
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      On two separate worlds on two separate occasions I went into a Nether Portal and it took me to the overworld coordinates in the Nether... for example, on my main world which is in endgame I went to -1000, -1000 in the Nether to make a portal for the new 1.17 chunks and it takes me to -8000, -8000. One time on my way back through it took me to those Coords in the Nether... Which is 16000 blocks away from my main portal and 14000 from the closest. On the 2nd occasion I was in lower chunks so I was only 1000 blocks away from the portal but I didn't have an Elytra and I had to make a new portal because I couldn't find mine. Please fix this so I can use the Nether.

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