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Nether Portals not multiplying or dividing properly



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    • 1.16.220
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    • PS4 online world hosted by another user, who is using PS VR.
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      I’ve been experiencing a game-breaking problem for the past few months where almost every time I entire a Nether portal from the Overworld OR from the nether, my coordinates remain the same through my teleportation, resulting in me ending up stranded in the Nether without a portal, thousands of blocks away from my intended destination. This happens with newly and already established portals, and while it doesn’t occur every time, it happens more times than not.


      For example, I have a portal at my base located at -1000, 1000 in the Overworld. It would reliably take me to the Nether to about -100, 100. But now, when I enter from the Overworld, I often end up at -1000, 1000 in the Nether, or I’ll try to leave the Nether from my -100, 100 portal and end up at -100, 100 in the Overworld. This has happened with many other portals, not just my base portal. This big once left me stranded over 150,000 blocks away from home.


      My game has always been up to date with the latest version. Please help!




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