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game lag when dropped items are within render distance



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    • 1.16.200, 1.16.201 Hotfix
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    • windows 10 bedrock edition, pureBDcraft text
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                  Major lagging when items are on the ground. For example: after breaking a trunk and the leaves begin to fall and the saplings and stick fall on the ground my game starts lagging terribly. I am on my friends realm at the time but I first noticed this issue when we were on my realm. I thought that it was the texture pack but I changed the texture pack and it didn't do it as bad but it was still lagging until I got out of render distance. Mind you I am on pc... I run a i7-9700f and a rtx2070super, and I have excellent internet service and connection. these problems don't happen on any other game I play and I should be running this game with absolutely no issues. This issue doesn't happen to the two of my friends that don't have RTX cards, but it happens only to us that have the RXT cards(2060 and 2070)

                   I have tried several methods of fixing the issue like... turning all setting completely down, including turning my render distance to 8 chunks. I have turned all my setting in the GeForce experience all the way down.


                    I have put many hours into this game and I have been dealing with this issue for weeks now, I would like a fix or id like all the money back that I've spent on this game.



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