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Addon server scripts not loaded by BDS if server is run on a linux distro



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.200
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      Bedrock Dedicated Server
      Linux ( Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch, Alpine )
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      When creating a BDS instance, if the instance is run on a Linux machine, any scripts located in any add-on will not be loaded or run on the server side.  Client scripts will still be sent to the client and will be run, however, server scripts will not be.


      If the same exact world, add-ons, and settings are transferred to a windows machine, and a windows version of BDS is launched, the scripts will be loaded correctly on both the server and client.  I have tested with multiple versions of Linux, each tested with multiple versions of BDS, including the latest build provided on the official website, and the previous three to ten versions of BDS.  In addition, I have attempted the tests with multiple different add-ons that included scripting in the behavior packs.  I have even attempted with a variety of scripted behaviour packs including but not limited to an extremely simple pinky and the brain client to server response script.


      ( A message that asks the server "what are we going to do tonight server" when the player joins, the server is supposed to respond with, "the same thing we do every night client, try to take over the world." )


      None of these server scripts are ever loaded by the Linux BDS version, but all are loaded by the Windows version.  Perhaps there is undocumented extra setup requirements for the Linux version of BDS?  However, I believe that the the scripting engine in the Linux version might just be borked.


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