[MC-9752] The command block will detect players who are dead, but have not yet hit re spawn. Created: 14/Feb/13  Updated: 11/Sep/15  Resolved: 30/Jan/14

Status: Resolved
Project: Minecraft: Java Edition
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: Snapshot 13w06a, Minecraft 1.5, Minecraft 1.5.1, Minecraft 1.5.2, Snapshot 13w21b, Snapshot 13w22a
Fix Version/s: Minecraft 14w05a

Type: Bug
Reporter: Josh Olsen Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 5
Labels: None

Windows 8
Jre 7 x64
Running standalone server

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Confirmation Status: Community Consensus


When the command block is used on players with one of the selectors, it will perform the command on dead players who are still in the respawn screen as well.

In any game where you need to award a player for remaining within a region, they can simply die and sit there, and they can not be removed as there is no way to determine if they are dead or not. This opens up a simple way to cheat at many kinds of custom maps.

It would be nice to simply have a flag for it, that way we could simply only select the living, or intentionally select the dead.

Comment by MiiNiPaa [ 14/Feb/13 ]

Did you try to use "health" or whatever score?

Comment by Brandon Staab [ 14/Feb/13 ]

using health fixes this problem but it doesn't make senses that it would find dead players... that can't be a feature of the game.

Comment by TrazLander [ 08/Mar/13 ]

Confirmed still in 1.5 Pre-Release.

Really pretty sucky this isn't going to get fixed before 1.5. What a dumb bug. Kinda breaks the maps we've been working on. At least I'm glad to see a workaround by adding the health variable. Whelp off to add a redundant scoreboard objective and variable to all my /testfor command blocks.

Comment by Yoann Petremann [ 01/Jun/13 ]

Affect 13w22a

Comment by Yoann Petremann [ 14/Jun/13 ]

Affect 13w24b

Comment by Jesper the End [ 01/Aug/13 ]

I'm not sure if they should fix it. On one side it will break some stuff and make some stuff impossible, especially when you're working with the scoreboard. But on the other side when you tp someone who's dead it looks really glitchy.

Comment by Yoann Petremann [ 01/Aug/13 ]

Jesper the End, that true.
I've thinked about that and found that it is really useful ...

For a lot of system I put death, health and dummy scoreboards to make somes actions like showing player in respawn screen in grey, doing something when the player is killed only one time for each death, doing something when they respawn, doing something when they first join the game or when they join the game another time.

Using the health scoreboard permit to make thing better than I expected ...

Comment by Jesper the End [ 02/Aug/13 ]

The only bug that I found (is the one that brought me here when I searched for it) is that when you get teleported while you are dead stuff looks really glitchy but when you're dead everything looks glitchy anyway, if you're somewhere in between mobs and you die you'll see the mobs moving around really stuggering.

I think this 'bug' should be resolved as 'works as intended' because:

  • If you really really don't want to select players that are dead, that's still possible using an objective 'health' and checking for @a[score_health_min=1]
  • If you do want to select players that are dead then that's possible, but when this 'bug' gets fixed it isn't possible anymore

so if this 'bug' gets fixed that will take away one possibility in minecraft. If this 'bug' doesn't get fixed however, that won't take away a possibility nor add one.

Comment by Hartspoon [ 27/Jan/14 ]

This "bug" has been fixed, and we can't detect the death of a player until he hits "respawn". Perfect. As said Jesper, the old behaviour might have seemed weird sometimes, but at least it was useful. Now, dead players and disconnected players are indistinguishable...

Comment by Jesper the End [ 29/Jan/14 ]

The glitchy teleporting bug is still not fixed
you can still teleport dead players the @ just doesn't detect dead players anymore, but you can still use the actual IGN like this /tp Notch 0 100 0 and you'll still see glitchy stuff

This ticket can be closed because this bug actually is fixed.
But I think it was better the way it was before, now you can't detect dead players and the glitchy tp bug still exists.

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