[MC-729] Zombies only fight back against players Created: 26/Oct/12  Updated: 21/Jan/16  Resolved: 01/Dec/15

Status: Resolved
Project: Minecraft: Java Edition
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.4.2, Minecraft 1.4.7, Snapshot 13w04a, Minecraft 1.5, Minecraft 1.7.4, Minecraft 14w03b, Minecraft 14w05b, Minecraft 14w06b, Minecraft 14w07a, Minecraft 14w08a, Minecraft 1.7.5, Minecraft 14w32d, Minecraft 1.8, Minecraft 1.8.1-pre3, Minecraft 1.8.8, Minecraft 15w31a, Minecraft 15w36b, Minecraft 15w36c, Minecraft 15w36d
Fix Version/s: Minecraft 15w49a

Type: Bug
Reporter: Noppes Assignee: [Mojang] Jeb (Jens Bergensten)
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 21
Labels: AI, attack, zombie

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Confirmation Status: Confirmed
Game Mode: Survival


Short Description: Zombies dont fight back when attacked by other entities than the Player

Longer Description: Im a modder and I first noticed this bug when I made a guard npc that attacks nearby creatures. Whenever it attacked a zombie it would never get hurt. I then went on testing this, but it also doesnt seem to attack a tamed wolf. Zombies not attacking my guard npc might not be considered a bug, though skeletons attack back just fine. The zombie not attacking the wolf is clearly a bug.

Comment by Gravity [ 26/Oct/12 ]

Confirmed on 1.4.2

Comment by Joss Eden [ 26/Oct/12 ]

I believe this started happening in 1.2.5 when Jon changed the AI mob behavior. (Which he did a wonderful job at in my opinion, but it did have some side effects like this one.) I honestly do not know if this is a bug or not though, it could be intentional, but it does suck, Zombies used to fight back against mobs if they got attacked but not anymore.

Comment by MisterSanderson [ 19/Nov/12 ]

The zombie not attacking the wolf is not a bug: zombies want to eat only human brains. Unless they are zombie wolfs...

Comment by Noppes [ 20/Nov/12 ]

@MisterSanderson I dont see how zombies would be able to differntiate between 1 sack of meat and another sack of meat. Also zombie wolves <3

Comment by EvilSeph (Warren Loo) [ 10/May/13 ]

This should be fixed in at least Snapshot 13w18a, please test and let me know if this is fixed so I can resolve the ticket, thanks!

Comment by Josh Johnson [ 10/May/13 ]

I've been testing this for about 15 minutes now, and can't quite find a pattern but ...

Tested this on 13w18c. Zombies seem to happily attack a tamed wolf. However!

Zombies seem to freeze in place and will not willingly move or aggro after they are shot by a skeleton.

Test case:
1. Spawn a skeleton in front of you
2. Spawn a zombie between you and the skeleton
3. Draw the zombie towards you so the skeleton can shoot it
4. The skeleton should shoot the zombie, causing the zombie to hold still.

I'm only noticing this behavior on occasion, and will continue trying to find a pattern.

Comment by [Mod] Kumasasa [ 10/May/13 ]

Cannot confirm fix:

  • Fenced in a lot of Skeletons and Zombies
  • changed gamemode to survival
  • Skeletons started shooting at me but hit also Zombies
  • changed gamemode back to creative
  • Skeletons shooting each other and Zombies but Zombies did not attack Skeletons
Comment by [Mod] Kumasasa [ 10/May/13 ]

Also if a single skeleton and single zombie are caged in, the skeleton shoots the zombie but the zombie doesn't react on him.
Both are still targeted at me and are looking at me.

Comment by Josh Johnson [ 10/May/13 ]

I cannot confirm any sort of pattern, but repeating my test case above allows you to sometimes create completely docile zombies ... They stop chasing you nor go after the skeleton continuously shooting them. I can even hug the little guy and push him off a cliff!

But I can also confirm that it will usually aggro on skeletons.

Comment by Joss Eden [ 10/May/13 ]

I tested this too, and like above by the other posters, half the time the Zombie will not attack the Skeleton after being hit, but at times it will, however for me, it just hits it once and stops, letting the Skeleton kill it. If it is in it's "stunned" state, it will be passive until I hit it or kill the Skeleton, in which case it'd return to me. It all seems random, I can't find a pattern.

Comment by Tails [ 10/May/13 ]

Currently this issues cannot be properly tested due to another issue MC-15112.

Comment by [Mod] Ezekiel (ezfe) [ 17/Jan/14 ]

Is this still a concern in the latest Minecraft version 14w03b? If so, please update the affected versions in order to best aid Mojang ensuring bugs are still valid in the latest releases/pre-releases.

Comment by Josh Johnson [ 18/Jan/14 ]

My test case from the comments still hold true; I'm able to create docile zombies by having them shot by a skeleton.

Comment by Tintti214 [ 11/Aug/14 ]

Still reproducible in 14w32d, to note here zombies no longer fight only player but now zombies will fight back iron golems too.
Maybe it's a feature, that zombies just are so interested of killing players that they won't fight other hostile mobs...

Comment by Kevin Reid [ 25/Oct/14 ]

Confirmed for 1.8.1-pre3. I had a skeleton shoot a zombie and the zombie then did not attack either me or the skeleton.

Comment by [Mod] Odysseius [ 25/Oct/14 ]

Reopened, thanks.

Comment by Lucas Ignacio Morrison Osorio [ 22/Dec/14 ]

Is this still a concern in the current Minecraft 1.8.1 / 1.8.2-pre1? If so, please update the affected versions so that this issue is still valid with the current (pre-)releases

Comment by [Mod] Odysseius [ 22/Dec/14 ]

@Lucas Ignacio Morrison Osorio: There is no need to ask this every small release. Actually, please don't do this on any other tickets, since we're trying to reduce that to just major releases.

Comment by [Helper] Sonicwave [ 29/Jul/15 ]

Confirmed in 15w31a; the zombie was attacked by skeletons and stood there instead of attacking.

Comment by Nickolas Cosimo Cosentino [ 02/Dec/15 ]

Looks like it was finally fixed in 15w49a

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