[MC-378] Chests still open with transparent blocks above them Created: 25/Oct/12  Updated: 04/Jan/14  Resolved: 21/Oct/13

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Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.4.1, Minecraft 1.4.2, Minecraft 1.4.7, Minecraft 1.5, Minecraft 1.5.2, Snapshot 13w19a, Snapshot 13w21a, Minecraft 1.6.2, Minecraft 13w38a, Minecraft 13w38b, Minecraft 13w38c
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Type: Bug
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Chests still open with a half slab above them, applying to all slab types and in both circumstances if the slab is placed high or low on it's vertical position.

Comment by GrygrFlzr (Martin Krisnanto Putra) [ 25/Oct/12 ]

This applies to all transparent blocks, not just slabs.

Comment by TheSandwichMakr [ 27/Oct/12 ]

Well some transparent blocks shouldn't block chests such as signs or torches. They just need to add an override for certain blocks to stop it from opening such as half slabs, stairs, and glowstone.

Comment by ziqi nubz [ 28/Oct/12 ]

I guess this is not a bug? I belive this was made to have it like that.

Comment by Sphax [ 29/Oct/12 ]

@ziqi nubz: Knowing the result is glitchy, I think it is a bug (functionnal and graphical)...

I second this issue. The chests opening should check what is the above block (if not transparent = no open, if transparent a finest check should be done).

Comment by Jordan Doorlag [ 01/Nov/12 ]

Please do not change this, this is a great tool for hidden chests and adventure maps.

Comment by Nicolaj Knudsen [ 01/Nov/12 ]

I'm with Jordan Doorlag on this one, it is by far more a feature than a bug.

Comment by Crona White [ 04/Nov/12 ]

I'm almost certain this is intentional. Although, after looking for a source that stated it was I was unable to find one.

Comment by Score_Under the Human [ 08/Nov/12 ]

This is great for having chests stacked on top of each other, or sunk into a wall (using backward staircase blocks).

Comment by Josiah Blouin [ 09/Nov/12 ]

I certainly love that you can open chests with glass, glowstone, slabs, stairs, and other solid blocks yet transparent blocks, but I think the lid opening into other blocks makes it a bug. Sad, but that's the way it is.

Comment by Sid Ben [ 09/Nov/12 ]

Sure the chest lid passing through is visually weird, but this "fix" would bring a lot of new limitations and no benefits or improvement at all.

I also vote for a "Work as Intented" from the developers, unless they create a new storage block that opens from the front, like a closet. That would work the same way when they removed the old booster glitch, but added a booster track to replace it.

Comment by Sphax [ 09/Nov/12 ]

I vote for something more realistic and without graphic bug/glitch. The chests should not open the lid if something is blocking it above...
I also vote for a new storage openable from the front like closets (even though it would be more expensive).

Comment by Treydun [ 18/Nov/12 ]

This feature/bug was from before chests had opening lids (when they used to occupy an entire block and texture based X-Rayers couldnt see them pre B 1.8) It is essential for making chests set in the walls. I would rather see a "chest of drawers" than a closet. Stacking chests and setting them in walls is a huge part of my survival building style although the graphical glitch and concept are strange.

Comment by Nathan2055 [ 27/Dec/12 ]

I've actually used this "feature" twice in building, once with glass and once with stone half-slabs. I vote for a work as intended.

Comment by Kude k [ 28/Dec/12 ]

Works w/ chests too. It doesn't work as intended, since chests shouldn't open w/ blocks on top of them.

Comment by [Mod] Anon Ymus [ 28/Dec/12 ]

Works as intended. Slabs are non-solid blocks. If they were to be considered solid blocks, so many game mechanics would change.

Comment by Nathan2055 [ 17/Jan/13 ]

Another thing: most adventure maps use glowstone above reward chests to indicate what is inside the chest. But, I do support closets as an addition, perhaps with double chest size space.

Comment by Sphax [ 25/Jan/13 ]

Anon Ymus : Slabs are non solid blocks for technical reasons not for gamedesign reasons.
Before the animated chest lid, this "bug" wasn't graphically glitched.
Now that the chests have an animated lid, everybody agree with the fact that the result IS glitched.
That means, this is a bug.
Also, it can be considered as a bug because the fact that a block above the chest is preventing the chest to open means that any block which is directly above the chest should also prevent the opening...

However, the solution can be anything that Mojang decides of course.

Comment by Corgano Wade [ 24/Apr/13 ]

you have a chest, which you can no longer place slabs, stairs, leaves, or a bloody lot of other blocks above it. Now storage is HALF as dense, and cumbersome. Hoppers could not lead into chests from the top. Torches couldn't be placed above them.

It would break MANY things.

Now, you can place slabs, stairs, leaves, hoppers, and glass above chests. What would that break?

"Fixing" it would break more than it would fix. Works as intended.

Comment by Marios [ 15/Jul/13 ]

@ Sphax: I disagree with the statement that "everybody agree with ..." You can only speak for yourself not for everybody. I disagree that this means this is a bug, I disagree that this is a bug. Besides, according to wiki this behavior is described as normal, not as a bug.

My personal opinion is that, if it's normal behavior for a chest below another chest/glass block/fence/ice to open then it should be considered normal behavior for a chest below slabs to open. My vote for this issue to be closed as "works as intended".

@ Mods: Since two mods have seen this issue and agree that it is intended, why isn't it closed? Did Mojang confirm it?

Comment by Sphax [ 15/Jul/13 ]

The only thing I said is that the lid collisionning hardly with other things is a graphic bug... You can't say "no, it's not" when the result is graphically ugly and not intended... I think this should be fixed. One solution would be to transform chests with blocks above them to closets for example.

Comment by Marios [ 19/Jul/13 ]

You are clear about your concern about the graphical glitch but you used it to conclude that:

Also, it can be considered as a bug because the fact that a block above the chest is preventing the chest to open means that any block which is directly above the chest should also prevent the opening...

and qualify this issue as a bug. As a reminder, it's not the graphical glitch that is reported, but the behavior of chests below slabs.

Comment by Nektro [ 03/Aug/13 ]

Why would you want this to be fixed? at least from a building perspective, chests still being able to open, even when they are covered by "transparent" block is a great feature. And chests aren't the only thing to take advantage of this; glowstone shines through carpet, hoppers pull through half-slabs, etc. This is a great feature and can help make things look great and clean, being able to put things on top.

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