Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 22w18a - HTML format


  • [MC-207935] - Simultaneous vibrations don't trigger as expected
  • [MC-232009] - Minecraft does not resolve SRV records correctly
  • [MC-249021] - The invitation and news buttons aren't consistently displayed within the realms menu
  • [MC-249129] - The walking animation of frogs doesn't change in relation to their movement speed
  • [MC-249175] - Only one sculk vein drops when using a Silk Touch hoe on multiple in a single block space
  • [MC-249454] - Sculk Catalysts will spread sculk if a baby mob that does not drop experience dies around it
  • [MC-249527] - Sky effects are visible through Darkness
  • [MC-249562] - When the warden is stuck in the bubble column, it won't try to find its way out
  • [MC-249732] - Allays lose picked up items on world restart
  • [MC-249739] - Parity: Allay flies far slower on Java Edition
  • [MC-249740] - Allays leashed to a fence do not move and refuse to pick up items
  • [MC-249784] - Ancient Cities can be submerged in aquifers
  • [MC-249857] - Parity Issue: Allays don't follow the player / note blocks as closely on Java
  • [MC-250139] - Snow layers cannot be placed on top of mud
  • [MC-250143] - Improper advancement description for "Sneak 100"
  • [MC-250144] - "Sneak 100" advancement includes sculk shriekers as a block that can "hear" the player
  • [MC-250145] - Warden/frogs continue animations when the game is paused
  • [MC-250163] - Warden can still detect things after it dies
  • [MC-250183] - Warden continues to roar when angered by an ignited creeper
  • [MC-250198] - Warden continues to roar when the target of the enraged warden suffers an unnatural death
  • [MC-250207] - Warden continues to roar at disconnected players
  • [MC-250216] - Warden continues to roar at targets in unloaded chunks
  • [MC-250218] - Warden continues to roar at despawned target
  • [MC-250244] - Warden continues to roar when the target enters the nether portal, end portal or end gateway
  • [MC-250245] - Warden sonic boom attacks can hit player even if the player has entered another dimension
  • [MC-250292] - Wardens can sometimes freeze when overwhelmed with enemies/attacks/sounds
  • [MC-250506] - Mangrove leaves can appear at a higher altitude when grown below y = 0
  • [MC-250557] - Allay permanently stuck trying to pick up item stack if its slots contain stack of the same type with differing NBT (and vice versa)
  • [MC-250662] - minecraft:sonic_boom particle frames are misordered during animation
  • [MC-250864] - Game fails to load worldgen settings when .DS_Store files are present in datapack
  • [MC-250926] - There is a goat horn in the creative Destroy Item slot / all tabs within the creative inventory contain goat horns
  • [MC-250937] - User skins don't load in singleplayer
  • [MC-250939] - Game crashes when a goat horn with an invalid sound variant is used / java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index <index> out of bounds for length 8
  • [MC-250954] - Player is assigned a new UUID in singleplayer
  • [MC-250974] - MinecraftClientHttpException when opening/creating a world

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