Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 1.18 Pre-release 6 - HTML format


  • [MC-236947] - Signature attribute is stripped from java records
  • [MC-238930] - Soul Sand and Soul Soil generate below the nether ceiling
  • [MC-238959] - Falling block placing at Y=1 changes into dropped item when landing on Y=0
  • [MC-239880] - Some chunks have missing blocks below 0
  • [MC-239900] - Upgrading custom world to 21w43a ignores min_y and height
  • [MC-240513] - Pandas do not spawn in bamboo jungles with Default world
  • [MC-241263] - Off-heap memory leak
  • [MC-241409] - Game crashes when terrain shaper data is missing
  • [MC-241630] - Temperatures don't properly get converted
  • [MC-241636] - Snow golems don't take damage in hot biomes when a cave biome is underneath
  • [MC-241767] - Breaking a vine or ladder block while the player is climbing it while sneaking allows the player to hover in place indefinetly
  • [MC-241820] - Ocean Monuments upgraded from previous versions appear to have the bounding box shifted to chunk borders north and west
  • [MC-241830] - Windswept savannas in amplified worlds have the incorrect surface blocks
  • [MC-241941] - Nether bedrock roof can generate exposed
  • [MC-242016] - Dripstone doesn't generate at high y values
  • [MC-242022] - Game crashes when loading new chunks (Exception generating new chunk, caused by ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 268435455 out of bounds for length 32)
  • [MC-242479] - Pointed dripstone makes holes in lava pools
  • [MC-242520] - Horses, Donkeys and Pigs float above water when dismounted underwater

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