Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 1.17 Pre-release 4 - HTML format


  • [MC-223552] - Credits not alphabetically ordered
  • [MC-226690] - In the credits, "EXPERIS" is in all capital letters for two employees
  • [MC-226692] - In the credits, a closing parenthesis is missing for Brian Canning
  • [MC-226693] - The credits say "Wed Developers" instead of "Web Developers" in one place
  • [MC-226696] - In the credits, "TEN GUN DESIGN INC" is in all capital letters for one employee
  • [MC-226698] - In the credits, "HARVEY NASH INC" is in all capital letters for one employee
  • [MC-226700] - Some people are listed twice in the credits
  • [MC-226702] - The usage and punctuation of "Inc." and "LLC" are inconsistent in the credits
  • [MC-226762] - Credits Text Wrapping
  • [MC-226777] - When a crossbow is loaded in the offhand, you cannot see it or shoot with it if an item is held in the main hand
  • [MC-227003] - Game crashed whilst debug profiling
  • [MC-227058] - Any hostility between animals is removed in peaceful
  • [MC-227092] - Experimental Settings confirmation prompt appears when creating any world in 1.17-pre3
  • [MC-227107] - C418 is removed from ==Composers== in credits.json

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