Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 21w07a - HTML format


  • [MC-147589] - Vines no longer randomly generate in jungles
  • [MC-183547] - Stone and polished blackstone buttons/pressure plates are located at opposite ends of the spectrum of buttons in the Creative inventory despite being identical in behaviour
  • [MC-208613] - Amount of players who need to sleep to skip the night is calculated incorrectly
  • [MC-208618] - Clicking on a bed immediately skips the night if gamerule playersSleepingPercentage is set to 0
  • [MC-211224] - Seagrass can occasionally replace parts of a swamp hut
  • [MC-214082] - Crash after placing soul sand or magma under 2032 tall water
  • [MC-214814] - Strongholds generate floating and without walls, floors, or ceilings when inside caves
  • [MC-214844] - Bedrock can be exposed to the air at the very bottom of the new caves
  • [MC-214885] - Beacon beam only render 256 blocks from source
  • [MC-214917] - Lapis Lazuli doesn't generate on the lower levels of the world
  • [MC-214928] - Mineshaft corridor support pillars are made out of wood, not logs
  • [MC-214973] - Powder snow bucket in a dispenser at y = 319 facing upwards or at y = -64 facing downwards is replaced with empty bucket, despite no powder snow being placed
  • [MC-214986] - Large dripstones only generate as stalagmites below Y=0

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