Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 19w34a - HTML format


  • [MC-74762] - Chunks Swapping
  • [MC-102267] - Guardian(Elder) / squid / silverfish / endermite / bat on the magma block not to hurt
  • [MC-103313] - Hitbox of slime and magma cube is offset for some seconds
  • [MC-115643] - Can't hear punching blocks with 'Friendly Creatures' volume off
  • [MC-133255] - Cartographers generate maps for existing Mansions and Monuments rather than unexplored ones
  • [MC-142918] - The stonecutter does not allow custom recipe inputs to be shift-clicked in
  • [MC-148562] - Obsidian towers in the end are not generated as intended.
  • [MC-149231] - Dragon egg culls the top of cactus
  • [MC-150202] - Chunks sometimes are dislocated / copied to another location
  • [MC-151354] - Can't rearrange servers with shortcut
  • [MC-152100] - blaze powder does not put in slot with shift
  • [MC-152172] - Cartography table plays the sound multiple times overlapping on shift-click
  • [MC-152173] - Loom plays the sound multiple times overlapping on shift-click
  • [MC-156276] - Cannot shift-click while riding a horse, within inventory
  • [MC-156852] - Ghost blocks remain when insta-mining; reappearance of MC-5694
  • [MC-156876] - "desert_small_house_7"one door open status is open
  • [MC-156884] - Bows sometimes don't use the correct texture when being drawn in creative mode
  • [MC-156952] - Village tree center has leaves that are persistent
  • [MC-157136] - Villagers restocking is not properly tracked
  • [MC-158988] - Minecraft will remove up to several hundred chunks per region if region file isn't exact multiple of 4096 bytes

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