Release Notes - Minecraft Console Edition - Version Past Release - TU64/CU54/1.68/Switch Patch 14/WiiU Patch 33 - HTML format


  • [MCCE-7060] - Can't place Water/Lava in the End
  • [MCCE-7064] - World Freezes within seconds of loading
  • [MCCE-7066] - Update 1.67 Crashes map
  • [MCCE-7086] - Hard mode in ps3
  • [MCCE-7095] - Minecraft ps3 not working
  • [MCCE-7101] - Game Crash in this Save
  • [MCCE-7106] - PS3 Hangs on Load
  • [MCCE-7119] - PS3 completely freezes up in multiplayer
  • [MCCE-7131] - minecraft ps3 console freezing
  • [MCCE-7138] - Water/Lava Placing In End
  • [MCCE-7142] - When I place a bed sometimes the game stops and I have to reboot the console, other times I place it, then I go out and save but while it is saving it stops and I also have to restart the console
  • [MCCE-7148] - PS3 Crashing or Hanging in Certain Parts of World
  • [MCCE-7157] - Minecraft 1.67 Crashes my world
  • [MCCE-7169] - Constant Freezing / Crashing After Placing Beds
  • [MCCE-7175] - Game crashes at random times and takes me back to home screen of ps3 or completely freezes my ps3 making me hold the power button of the console until it shuts off.

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