Release Notes - Minecraft Console Edition - Version Past Release - TU62/CU52/1.66/Switch Patch 12/WiiU Patch 31 - HTML format


  • [MCCE-897] - Chicken in water
  • [MCCE-2118] - Wither Skeleton Pathfinding
  • [MCCE-3553] - Trust players
  • [MCCE-3875] - XB1: Mobs do not despawn outside 128+ limit.
  • [MCCE-4183] - Ender Dragon and End City Glitches
  • [MCCE-4230] - Dark Oak Leaves not changing texture in different biomes
  • [MCCE-5264] - Shulker boxes cannot be opened by other players when they have permission to open containers
  • [MCCE-5364] - Renewable Energy Achievement Obtained a Different Way
  • [MCCE-6179] - When typing in books with a USB keyboard it won’t show the text you typed
  • [MCCE-6376] - Observers wont detect various items aka other powered observers.
  • [MCCE-6462] - Armor stand name not displayed
  • [MCCE-6465] - unable to place vines under torches
  • [MCCE-6531] - Placing a bed next to a cactus crashes game!
  • [MCCE-6589] - Pistons of both types cant move Cauldrons
  • [MCCE-6677] - XB1 Glide time attack leaderboards not displaying times

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