Release Notes - Minecraft Console Edition - Version Past Release - (TU55/CU46/Vita 1.53/PS3+PS4 1.54/WiiU Patch 25/Switch Patch 5 - HTML format


  • [MCCE-986] - World seeds not generating like other versions
  • [MCCE-2020] - Placing items in chest crashes game
  • [MCCE-2842] - mob sounds
  • [MCCE-3022] - New Sounds
  • [MCCE-3269] - Trees on new map not showing after update.
  • [MCCE-3308] - Armor sometimes doesn't give armor
  • [MCCE-3667] - if you have alot of worlds it crashes after a limited amount of time
  • [MCCE-4162] - Mob Varients In & From Spawners
  • [MCCE-4575] - Dropper/glass item elevators not working
  • [MCCE-4628] - Falling though the floor
  • [MCCE-4751] - Shulker box yellow dye makes it green
  • [MCCE-4811] - Pickaxe remains in inventory after breaking when opening chests!
  • [MCCE-4903] - If a mob is spawned on top of a fence by using an egg, it will fall straight through the fence
  • [MCCE-4953] - Haste II not working with efficiency V on tools
  • [MCCE-4957] - Pistons are gone from the crafting menu, replaced by observer.
  • [MCCE-4961] - Shulker box contents deleted
  • [MCCE-4967] - Buckets disappear in furnaces
  • [MCCE-4970] - Pistons do not update each other.
  • [MCCE-4990] - Horse armor not working
  • [MCCE-4997] - Sleeping During Day Bug
  • [MCCE-5027] - Craftingrecept from Piston disappeared
  • [MCCE-5088] - Minecraft Wii U Crashes when loading/creating new world
  • [MCCE-5097] - Crafting cake consumes buckets holding milk.
  • [MCCE-5103] - Saving not working
  • [MCCE-5137] - After playing for a while and after trying to save and leave it freezes and will not save your progress at all and also freezes when dying
  • [MCCE-5153] - Pistons not updating pistions
  • [MCCE-5160] - The New Beds Are Called Bed.
  • [MCCE-5161] - Efficiency Enchantment not working
  • [MCCE-5166] - End rods not giving off particle affect

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