Release Notes - Minecraft Console Edition - Version TU34/CU22/1.25/Patch 4 - HTML format


  • [MCCE-81] - Minecraft does not remember player2 splitscreen preferences
  • [MCCE-483] - Camera jitter and player unable to move when looking at chest you are standing on
  • [MCCE-659] - Doors have a weird texture on top when open
  • [MCCE-1700] - Remote Play Control Game-breaking bug
  • [MCCE-1739] - No icon in item-frame-map.
  • [MCCE-1757] - Slimes Spawning in Witch Bounding Box
  • [MCCE-1798] - Wii U version has old menu screen.
  • [MCCE-1803] - Item frames vanishing in very strange draw distance.
  • [MCCE-1805] - Cannot change control options
  • [MCCE-1824] - Settings are not saved for player 2 in split screen
  • [MCCE-1839] - Controls cannot be changed when playing 2+ players on same console
  • [MCCE-1931] - Rail Cart speeds are very slow since 1.22 update

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