Release Notes - Minecraft Console Edition - Version TU33/CU21/1.24/Patch 3 - HTML format


  • [MCCE-499] - Ocelots Spawning endless
  • [MCCE-635] - Chest Quick Move
  • [MCCE-689] - Gamemode switch does not work from host options
  • [MCCE-690] - Weird Knockback
  • [MCCE-712] - Rotten flesh is called Rådden fisk in danish
  • [MCCE-786] - Single users saves being deleted while others aren't.
  • [MCCE-819] - When I save it doesn't always save/the autosave feature does not work
  • [MCCE-863] - The map does not work as it should (unless "View Hand" is turned on)
  • [MCCE-1005] - Name tags freeze console
  • [MCCE-1026] - Stuck in sign unable to type, exit sign or even dashboard
  • [MCCE-1569] - Oak and Iron Doors Items have wrong texture In the Inventory
  • [MCCE-1691] - Slimes Are Spawning in Witch huts
  • [MCCE-1695] - Slime chunk in the End
  • [MCCE-1698] - slime spawn in witch hut
  • [MCCE-1706] - slimes are spawning in the nether
  • [MCCE-1758] - There are slimes sapwning in the Nether

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