Release Notes - Minecraft Launcher - Version 0.7 - HTML format


  • [MCL-9] - Launcher Issue
  • [MCL-14] - Minecraft Launcher Mac Failed
  • [MCL-23] - vnoscript>vnoscript> at bottom of launcher
  • [MCL-42] - Launcher doesn't open minecraft 1.5.2
  • [MCL-44] - new launcher fails to launch on certain linux setups
  • [MCL-46] - unable to log in with a different account in the new launcher (0.7)
  • [MCL-50] - New Minecraft Launcher unable to play/download snapshot
  • [MCL-64] - [Launcher] Doesn't start in center of screen
  • [MCL-71] - Launcher Beta - OS X with Retina Display is pixelated
  • [MCL-72] - Pressing ALT in the launcher throws error in the console
  • [MCL-75] - Error constructing implementation
  • [MCL-80] - New Launcher 0.2 not starting on OS X
  • [MCL-85] - Launcher hides play and register buttons
  • [MCL-86] - Launcher closes after downloading files / hitting play button
  • [MCL-91] - Launcher is unable to unpack natives because they are in use by another process
  • [MCL-92] - Starting Window Size does not fit entire GUI
  • [MCL-95] - New Launcher doesn't work with custom windows 7 themes...
  • [MCL-97] - MinecraftDev Launcher 0.5 process keeps active after closing
  • [MCL-109] - the buttons for logging in with the launcher cannot be read in Windows 7 / XP classic theme
  • [MCL-116] - New launcher launches minecraft as background process, which breaks nvidia optiumus support on linux
  • [MCL-118] - When I log into the new launcher to try to use the new snapshot, the messages stay on queing downloads. I am on windows 7 By the way.
  • [MCL-136] - no lwjgl in java.library.path
  • [MCL-159] - The new snapshot doesn't run under Linux. / java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/lwjgl/LWJGLException
  • [MCL-170] - Freeze at the Mojang screen after launching game
  • [MCL-172] - appears broken
  • [MCL-174] - Minecraft won't open / Crashes because of trash files in assets
  • [MCL-188] - Icon in the taskbar shows LWJGL default icon while loading Minecraft
  • [MCL-195] - Unintended debug output to console if .minecraft does not exist
  • [MCL-294] - Logging in with passwords including Umlauts does not work

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