Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 22w19a - HTML format


  • [MC-197647] - Players cannot jump off the edge of blocks when sneaking if they have a block above
  • [MC-200282] - Players with knockback resistance cannot be knocked off of edges when sneaking
  • [MC-210329] - Sculk sensors are not activated upon armor on entities breaking
  • [MC-231600] - Sculk sensor continuously receives vibrations when next to a powered big dripleaf
  • [MC-249130] - Tadpoles hatch inside of adjacent blocks, causing them to suffocate and die
  • [MC-249161] - Frogs frequently get stuck below lily pads
  • [MC-249434] - The warden indefinitely roars when attacked by multiple entities
  • [MC-249634] - Warden's sniffing behavior continues after being distracted
  • [MC-249664] - Warden despawns when far away
  • [MC-249780] - Blocks that require support can generate floating in ancient cities
  • [MC-249801] - Mineshafts can intersect ancient cities
  • [MC-249833] - Right-clicking certain items in the off-hand can generate vibrations
  • [MC-249888] - Warden is not angered when hit by a blaze fireball
  • [MC-249910] - Warden "Nearby Closest" sound is unused
  • [MC-249966] - Warden can stop chasing a target it just roared at
  • [MC-250172] - Warden doesn't turn towards the direction it is firing the Sonic Boom attack
  • [MC-250233] - A warden summoned from a spawn egg suddenly losing its AI
  • [MC-250255] - Warden's Sonic Boom cannot hurt Ender Dragon, it only pushes it back
  • [MC-250272] - Warden spawns in blocks that have no collision
  • [MC-250292] - Wardens can sometimes freeze when overwhelmed with enemies/attacks/sounds
  • [MC-250319] - Warden approaches sounds still plays, despite the doWardenSpawning gamerule is disabled
  • [MC-250353] - Warden cannot spawn on a single snow layer like other mobs
  • [MC-250357] - Sculk sensors and Wardens detect when a player holds up a shield
  • [MC-250948] - Warden's ranged attack is no longer affected by the game's difficulty
  • [MC-250966] - Dying to the warden's sonic boom doesn't count as the warden's kill
  • [MC-251029] - Warden froze and stopped being hostile towards the player
  • [MC-251263] - "Invalid signature for profile public key" when trying to open a singleplayer world
  • [MC-251316] - The game crashes when loading chunks that consist of jigsaw blocks
  • [MC-251321] - Warden can be pushed by explosions while emerging
  • [MC-251350] - /give @s goat_horn gives an unregistered goat horn
  • [MC-251396] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Name and ID cannot both be blank
  • [MC-251464] - When passive mobs take damage from warden's sonic boom, they won't flee in panic

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