Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 1.14.4 - HTML format


  • [MC-44912] - Horizontal offset seating in minecart on diagonal tracks
  • [MC-73139] - Player and entities don't render at Y>=256 or Y<0 when facing some angles
  • [MC-93485] - Game freeze when quitting world instantly before Ender Dragon respawn sequence begins
  • [MC-94805] - Difficulty doesn't lock in singleplayer
  • [MC-104870] - Mobs can't pathfind up stairs if there's carpet at the bottom
  • [MC-106800] - When selecting a server with a LAN server in the list, pressing the down key when selecting the last server will crash
  • [MC-109263] - Fishing line changes its position after switching from rod in hotbar
  • [MC-112561] - Mobs can't go from a carpet to an upper block
  • [MC-118622] - Area in which parrots dance is larger in negative directions
  • [MC-125503] - Player model changes when sneaking while swimming
  • [MC-128946] - Chest and hopper minecarts drop items when teleporting between dimensions
  • [MC-130053] - Mobs don't pathfind up snow banks unless the snow block before the full block is exactly 0.5 blocks high
  • [MC-143497] - Villagers Entity Coordinates (Sometimes) Reset When Loading World
  • [MC-145101] - Players and foxes don't produce teleportation particles after eating chorus fruit
  • [MC-145380] - Lag and high CPU use even with no players online, from the end, caused by 'chunkSource'
  • [MC-148392] - Raiders can spawn in inappropriate places
  • [MC-148426] - Inconsistency in laguange files
  • [MC-148539] - Villagers stuck pathfinding to long destroyed bed
  • [MC-148979] - Animal pen fences don't connect to blocks
  • [MC-151892] - Villagers have trouble pathfinding to workstations
  • [MC-154303] - Server can freeze for several minutes (when recalculating light levels?)
  • [MC-156576] - Villager trade prices vary by a large amount

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