Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 1.14.2 - HTML format


  • [MC-10657] - Player entering nether portal while sneaking stuck in 'partial sneak'
  • [MC-50108] - Sometimes gain normal world beacon effect in nether at matching coordinates
  • [MC-73368] - Splash/drinkable/lingering potion effects are ambient if applied while ambient effect is on player already
  • [MC-119909] - Falling blocks disappear when falling in unloaded chunks
  • [MC-139304] - Ravagers ridden by illagers bob their heads while targeting the player, slowing down their movement
  • [MC-141006] - taiga_decoration_1 has trapdoors waterlogged which results in a mess
  • [MC-144776] - Iron golems move and attack way slower when going away from the village to persue enemies, making them more vulnerable and less effective when defending villages
  • [MC-150872] - Foxes can't go through nether portals
  • [MC-151083] - Client log error "Block entity invalid: minecraft:<bloc> @ ev{x=##, y=##, z=-##}"
  • [MC-152090] - Repeating Command Blocks Stop working
  • [MC-152824] - Stuck in Doorways and fence gates

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