Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 19w13b - HTML format


  • [MC-121282] - Server icons erased on loading multiplayer menu
  • [MC-130125] - Dolphins are sometimes rendered offset when jumping on land
  • [MC-131417] - Saving structure with name containing two consecutive dots logs error " Invalid relative path to resource"
  • [MC-135449] - Copy & paste into book and quill displays CR on each line
  • [MC-137654] - Firework Rockets Fired From Crossbows Fire Above Crosshair When Jumping
  • [MC-138950] - fill bamboo to air without "destroy", will cause item drop
  • [MC-139017] - Rain goes through blocks when upgrading world from older versions
  • [MC-139273] - Destroying sugar cane from bottom doesn't destroy the sugar canes one at a time
  • [MC-139747] - Visual bug with raid boss bar
  • [MC-139763] - Client logs warning "Ignoring chunk since it's not in the view range" while moving in world
  • [MC-139950] - Nitwits don't generate sweat particles when right clicked on during Raids
  • [MC-140926] - Snowy villages & igloo structures spawn plains villagers
  • [MC-141598] - Chunks won't load in LAN world if the host isn't nearby
  • [MC-142192] - Pistons can conduct redstone signal while retracting
  • [MC-143708] - Cats disappear in villages
  • [MC-145551] - Witches that naturally spawn and join raids don't despawn, stalling raid progress until that witch is killed
  • [MC-145638] - Minecarts defy gravity
  • [MC-145670] - Villager XP bar extends outside the GUI
  • [MC-145687] - Banner patterns are inconsistently named
  • [MC-145696] - "Globe" shield is broken
  • [MC-145790] - Missing Translations: The "block.minecraft.banner.globe./colour/" banners are missing their translation
  • [MC-145813] - Chunks past a certain point (multiplayer cache?) fail to load when client render distance is less than server view distance.
  • [MC-145869] - The discount price overlaps the second item
  • [MC-145989] - Villagers will only treat one bell in the village as a meeting area
  • [MC-146070] - Bossbar notch opacity messed up when more than one bossbar is active
  • [MC-146080] - Quartz Block Texture
  • [MC-146415] - Ocean ruins will only generate one type of stone brick per structure
  • [MC-146432] - Moving glass hurts entities
  • [MC-146706] - Altered trading price strike-through line is invisible with "Programmer Art" resource pack enabled
  • [MC-146777] - You can't unselect resource packs
  • [MC-146778] - World completely stops loading/generating
  • [MC-146783] - Ticking entity crash (villager)
  • [MC-146790] - Mob spawners no longer spawn mobs in air blocks
  • [MC-146795] - Crash when creating buffet world
  • [MC-146984] - Missing stonecutter recipe: stone bricks to chiseled stone bricks

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