Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 19w13a - HTML format


  • [MC-110510] - Evokers can see through walls
  • [MC-122327] - No longer able to place buttons or levers on pistons
  • [MC-129205] - Cannot target blocks underneath of cauldrons through the cauldron
  • [MC-132313] - Buttons and levers can be placed on the bottom of hoppers
  • [MC-137467] - Ender dragon does not spawn if render distance is set to 10 or below
  • [MC-138572] - You can't place bells and lanterns on top of some non solid blocks
  • [MC-139376] - Crash when putting spaces and clicking on "Done" in the jigsaw GUI
  • [MC-139798] - Bad Omen disappears upon entering villages in spectator mode
  • [MC-140055] - After leaving the bed, the player can spawn inside of scaffolding
  • [MC-141009] - Clicking "done" on a Jigsaw disconnects client on dedicated server
  • [MC-141358] - Tridents have the SoundEvent tag, but don't use it
  • [MC-145758] - Villagers constantly breeding but don't produce baby villagers
  • [MC-146282] - Entering Command Block UI Causes All Music to Stop
  • [MC-146346] - Backup world file saved without .zip
  • [MC-146350] - Splash water bottles do not put out fires
  • [MC-146353] - Structure integrity does not work, RNG runs for all blocks at once
  • [MC-146357] - Vines cannot exist on the sides of glass or stained glass, but can on other transparent blocks
  • [MC-146359] - Crash whilst rendering overlay
  • [MC-146360] - Exiting bed always puts the player or villager in blocks
  • [MC-146367] - Hostile mobs spawning on glass
  • [MC-146377] - Beacon UI is nonresponsive and doesn't allow you to change the beacon effect
  • [MC-146380] - After sleeping in a bed, the player always spawns on top of it if there are no blocks next to it
  • [MC-146381] - Sleeping in a bed always resets the player's spawn point to the world spawn point
  • [MC-146387] - Monsters spawning on leaves during night time
  • [MC-146454] - Eating food no longer plays the burp sound
  • [MC-146470] - Entities in forceloaded or world spawn chunks cannot be selected
  • [MC-146594] - Villager babies don't have biome-specific skin
  • [MC-146667] - Multiple raids can occur at the same time
  • [MC-146707] - Splash text in main menu changes every time you resize the Minecraft window

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