Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 19w09a - HTML format


  • [MC-106133] - Stray / Wither Skeleton / Pillager with Tipped Arrow in Offhand No Longer Shoot Tipped Arrows
  • [MC-132351] - Plants don't grow when there is block above them
  • [MC-137353] - Game runs out of memory while building datafixers
  • [MC-137627] - Loom pattern selection turns blank when using banner patterns
  • [MC-137977] - Pillagers with Multishot or Piercing crossbows don't have the enchanted effects
  • [MC-138004] - Pillagers do not shoot fireworks from their offhand
  • [MC-138084] - Light not passing through bamboo
  • [MC-138121] - Nether region sometimes appears in the overworld when going through a portal
  • [MC-138196] - Mobs don't burn when on same block that wall / fence takes up
  • [MC-138208] - While inside a box of transparent blocks, the world unloads
  • [MC-139295] - Pillagers that drop a loaded crossbow don't fire arrows when you try to use it
  • [MC-139446] - Sky light not recalculated when blocks placed in air with /fill command
  • [MC-139689] - South-facing banners are placed differently on pillager outpost
  • [MC-140658] - Some snowy village buildings generate with incorrect blocks set from jigsaw blocks
  • [MC-140750] - Undead doesn't burn at sun in bamboo
  • [MC-141010] - 12 elder guardians spawn at monument
  • [MC-141916] - Campfire smoke stays behind when replacing area using structure block
  • [MC-141924] - Locking a map removes markers
  • [MC-141958] - Creeper and skeletons banners can be created without patterns
  • [MC-142332] - Campfire smoke remains after removing the block with /fill
  • [MC-143404] - NPE: Ticking entity with trader llamas, sheeps, wolves, horses, cats and chickens
  • [MC-144078] - Foxes don't get effects from the food they eat
  • [MC-144136] - Foxes don't attack tropical fish or pufferfish
  • [MC-144182] - If Foxes have no AI, sleeping, and it's thundering, they will wake up
  • [MC-144184] - Foxes with fire aspect swords don't make cooked chicken when killing a chicken
  • [MC-144195] - Foxes attempt to sit while swimming
  • [MC-144514] - Water buckets won't interact with double slabs
  • [MC-144517] - Block of Quartz' bottom texture is the same as Smooth Quartz
  • [MC-144519] - Foxes are able to harvest berry bushes with mobGriefing false
  • [MC-144580] - Llamas spit at tamed wolves
  • [MC-144624] - Animals do not follow players holding food in creative mode
  • [MC-144756] - New splash screen seems to be using massive amounts of RAM
  • [MC-144784] - Entities are invisible when joining/teleporting to areas outside spawn chunks
  • [MC-145023] - Game won't load when a specific resourcepack is equipped

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