Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 19w02a - HTML format


  • [MC-73604] - Spectator can interact with beacon
  • [MC-88326] - Other players' items are dropped when closing beacon interface while they are choosing effect
  • [MC-92759] - Luck and Bad Luck don't work with double chests
  • [MC-93483] - Spectators opening Loot Table (double)Chests will generate the items inside
  • [MC-117711] - "Snowy Kingdom" Superflat preset arguments include villages despite them being unable to generate in ice plains
  • [MC-124934] - Superflat villages don't have grass paths
  • [MC-126184] - Luck doesn't work with shulker box
  • [MC-132925] - Using .png and .ttf fonts together slows client down significantly
  • [MC-135764] - Incorrect plural in stat.minecraft.clean_shulker_box's translation value
  • [MC-137532] - Loom does not update preview when changing dyes
  • [MC-137647] - Firework Rockets Fired From Crossbow Slide Across The Ground
  • [MC-138541] - Taming a wolf, horse, llama or parrot gives the "A Complete Catalogue" advancement
  • [MC-138577] - Lectern have a strange / incomplete collision-box
  • [MC-139017] - Rain goes through blocks when upgrading world from older versions
  • [MC-139991] - When witch was spawned by the witch hut, command or spawn egg, it will not actively attack the players
  • [MC-140049] - Illager patrol leader lacks the illager banner on the head, when it was spawned in the raid
  • [MC-140238] - No villages generating in superflat
  • [MC-140322] - Grindstone resistant to any explosion
  • [MC-140594] - Raid bar will disappear after being filled in snowy villages
  • [MC-140790] - Multiplayer server crash at end of raids
  • [MC-140918] - The player can still /locate the original villages
  • [MC-140944] - Summoning illager near a villager - Second wave raid is loading on at same time - Fatal Ticking Entity crash
  • [MC-140946] - Witch new texture (cap) goes through witch's hat
  • [MC-140953] - Recipe toasts for smoker/blast furnace use crafting table icon
  • [MC-140959] - small_fireball entity ID is broken
  • [MC-140982] - Bell has no animation when used by another player
  • [MC-140986] - Comparator does not detect items in barrels
  • [MC-141019] - When appending list entries in another list, the entries get appended in reverse order
  • [MC-141360] - Evokers / vindicators / illusioners / pillagers have a gap between their legs
  • [MC-141383] - Missing translation strings for statistics
  • [MC-141393] - Skeleton riding a turtle or parrot crashes the game
  • [MC-141483] - Changing the render distance can cause chunks to stay loaded
  • [MC-141533] - Incorrect advancements background textures
  • [MC-141603] - Fences, walls, glass panes and iron bars diffuse/filter skylight

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