Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 18w45a - HTML format


  • [MC-123263] - Light Update or Block Update FPS issue
  • [MC-124456] - Vindicators, evokers and illusioners do not render items on head
  • [MC-137456] - Wither rose withers creative mode players
  • [MC-137459] - Bamboo item doesn't use the handheld model
  • [MC-137473] - Fireworks and multishot (crossbow) don't work together properly
  • [MC-137496] - Banner pattern cannot be shift-clicked out of loom
  • [MC-137498] - Crossbow enchantments missing in creative tab
  • [MC-137506] - Pillager constantly firing into the ground with nothing to agro onto to
  • [MC-137572] - Loom consumes two banners
  • [MC-137783] - Trident and bow uses crossbow animation when wielding a crossbow in your offhand
  • [MC-137946] - Loaded crossbow model placement issue when holding another crossbow in the offhand slot
  • [MC-137967] - Leaves drop either 2 or no sticks but never 1
  • [MC-138003] - Cannot move backwards in signs while writing / Cannot copy anything from the sign
  • [MC-138338] - Wither roses are made even though mobGriefing is false
  • [MC-138528] - Missing "Programmer Art" Resource Pack
  • [MC-138539] - Dying causes you to respawn in empty unplayable world until relog

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