Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 18w44a - HTML format


  • [MC-109344] - There is no wither loot table
  • [MC-123808] - Resource packs menu scrolling doesn't work
  • [MC-133130] - Uncaught exception handler doesn't log the stacktrace
  • [MC-137463] - Infinite flame particles for naturally and command generated monster spawner
  • [MC-137490] - Unable to pick block a bamboo sapling
  • [MC-137512] - Bamboo sapling connects to fences and walls
  • [MC-137537] - Walking into a different chunk causes lag
  • [MC-137589] - Pandas are not spawning in bamboo jungles
  • [MC-137596] - Part of donkey back and chest is invisible
  • [MC-137797] - Illager beast destroys leaves even when mobGriefing is set to false
  • [MC-137839] - Lighting issues
  • [MC-137866] - Negative durability on shears using dispensers
  • [MC-137911] - Arrows spawned by commands plays cave ambience
  • [MC-137931] - Lag spikes while placing/breaking blocks
  • [MC-137934] - "Argument range" class has typo in JsonObject serialization
  • [MC-137974] - Dispenser can shear dying sheep
  • [MC-138002] - Dispenser with shears always succeeds even if there is no sheep in front of it
  • [MC-138045] - Pandas indefinitely eat cakes
  • [MC-138082] - When setting CustomModelData on food items, the crumb particle is not updated to the model you specify
  • [MC-138105] - Severe lag with sticky pistons moving blocks
  • [MC-138362] - Written books do not maintain CustomModelData NBT upon creation
  • [MC-138453] - Tall grass drops two tall grass / large ferns drops two large ferns
  • [MC-138474] - Pandas won't panic when they catch fire

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