Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 18w21a - HTML format


  • [MC-52974] - Host's skin not visible to other players when in LAN world
  • [MC-61041] - CustomPotionEffects still use numeral IDs in data tags
  • [MC-72866] - Item shading inside item frames does not account for rotation
  • [MC-97196] - /spreadplayers shows wrong error message / large number in error message when no entities were spread
  • [MC-105139] - Entity head rotation not interpolating on Yaw axis
  • [MC-116877] - Collision checking during Block placement only uses default state
  • [MC-122369] - Village center is offset
  • [MC-122428] - Fire spread too quick
  • [MC-123199] - Lighting renders incorrectly on item frames oriented vertically
  • [MC-123454] - Dispenser using spawn egg spawns mob too high
  • [MC-123455] - Using spawn egg spawns mob too high on the water and lava
  • [MC-123598] - Fence top missing texture when below fence gate
  • [MC-123769] - Some item tooltips that previously had colors don't have colors anymore
  • [MC-123773] - Scrolling the hotbar on mac behaves weirdly starting in 18w01a
  • [MC-124954] - Jungle temple redstone wire is not connected
  • [MC-125255] - Swimming animation stops when touching the water surface
  • [MC-125377] - Structures from old worlds don't regenerate if opened with 1.13 standalone client/server
  • [MC-126086] - Salmon and tropical fish hitbox on land is wrongly positioned
  • [MC-126863] - Sounds made with water in spectator mode
  • [MC-127116] - When placing a wall using /setblock without specifying a block state, it is invisible; default state has up=false
  • [MC-127305] - Crash when creating a debug world
  • [MC-127333] - Carpet and panes don't show the right colors on maps
  • [MC-127474] - Waterloggable blocks retain their waterlogged state when moved with pistons or slime blocks
  • [MC-127586] - Mobs do not suffocate in double slabs
  • [MC-127996] - Bone meal can be put on floating water
  • [MC-128139] - Sea grass generates water source when placed on flowing water
  • [MC-128251] - Grass and mycelium can spread to dirt blocks which are submerged under general water
  • [MC-128493] - Dolphins can wear armor
  • [MC-129058] - Dolphins become permanent (can't despawn) after playing with an item
  • [MC-129708] - Armor slot icons are backwards
  • [MC-129808] - "" does not include the keybinding correctly
  • [MC-129849] - Upgrade from 1.6.4 destroys world, spams errors

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