Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 18w20c - HTML format


  • [MC-11393] - Slabs prefer to combine in the same block space instead of replacing snow
  • [MC-41414] - Mesa clay layer distribution causing repeating rough edges and lines on surface
  • [MC-64163] - Flying player in creative or spectator mode swims up in water when pressing space (jump) and shift (sneak) at the same time
  • [MC-121377] - First character typed in command blocks doesn't let you hit "done"
  • [MC-121673] - Rotation selector arguments do not allow max to be lower than min
  • [MC-122817] - Game crashes when clicking on a recipe in the recipe book: java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
  • [MC-123041] - Cannot ride a tamed horse, while holding tools, weapons and non-food items
  • [MC-123524] - X amount of Command Blocks in a chunk glitches the chunk, structure blocks, entities, hitboxes and frame rate dramatically
  • [MC-123672] - Barrier blocks affect sunlight
  • [MC-125237] - Trident lights up nearby entities when thrown or in ground
  • [MC-125254] - Dying after throwing loyalty trident causes intangible trident forever
  • [MC-125304] - Furnaces generated in a blacksmith (village) do not smelt any items
  • [MC-125314] - Minecraft crash after loading a world (OS X)
  • [MC-125365] - Strong potion of slowness gives slowness level V
  • [MC-125625] - Glass panes, fences, iron bars and cobblestone walls sometimes fail to upgrade
  • [MC-126467] - Glowing blocks give yellowish light underwater
  • [MC-126559] - Big chests are split into small chests
  • [MC-126993] - Some blocks in ocean ruins generate with waterlogged:false
  • [MC-127128] - Village structure foundations don't remove tall grass underneath
  • [MC-127130] - Village houses don't remove blocks above them properly
  • [MC-127764] - Issues with Frozen Mobs, Wonky Fences, and Broken Redstone....
  • [MC-127922] - You can't use Riptide tridents when standing in tall grass
  • [MC-128234] - Conduits have the wrong breaking particle
  • [MC-128243] - Dolphins, turtles, fish, guardian and elder guardian do not really try to get into the water
  • [MC-128346] - Double chest opens as one chest
  • [MC-128393] - Conduit connects to iron bars and glass panes
  • [MC-128663] - Creating a new world as Flat Land and No Structures crashes the game.
  • [MC-129347] - Fish swimming sideways on multiplayer
  • [MC-129517] - Game crashes while loading chunks with player heads
  • [MC-129571] - Skeleton Traps Are Incredibly Rare
  • [MC-129657] - End Cities don't generate at all in positive co-ordinates
  • [MC-129709] - Chests, signs, beds, shulker boxes, etc. overlay missing texture when mining
  • [MC-129732] - Conduit cannot be activated by dark prismarine
  • [MC-129733] - Conduit only spins when it has the maximum number of prismarine blocks
  • [MC-129738] - Trees generating in the ground or not at all
  • [MC-129747] - Village generates partially in the ground

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