Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 18w06a - HTML format


  • [MC-29490] - 1.7+ lighting bug / black spots
  • [MC-50640] - Big oak tree inconsistency.
  • [MC-77488] - TAB player list sorts player names based on ASCII values instead of alphabetically
  • [MC-96929] - enchant command missing indicator for affected entity and enchanting
  • [MC-101232] - Big tree generator causes memory leak
  • [MC-103023] - Village house overlap
  • [MC-111341] - Plains village generating in desert
  • [MC-113577] - Mesa (Bryce) biome generates with seed of last world which generated the same biome before
  • [MC-113809] - Chorus Flower plant grows instantly when block below it is replaced with Endstone
  • [MC-121633] - Tabbing in and out of the game in fullscreen messes up recipe book
  • [MC-121641] - Impossible selector combinations don't fail to build
  • [MC-121644] - Recipe book tab sound plays twice
  • [MC-121811] - NBT path parser might be too lenient
  • [MC-121901] - Game crashes when there is closing square bracket without opening in command
  • [MC-122673] - /locate always returns z=64
  • [MC-123150] - Water does not generate obsidian during the world generation
  • [MC-123482] - The 'paintings.json' recipe file does not use the 'minecraft:wool' tag
  • [MC-123628] - Unexpected behavior when using "execute store success score" with a function
  • [MC-123805] - Command suggestions ignore characters after an incomplete namespace
  • [MC-123888] - /clear on a player with no items dumps raw TextComponent
  • [MC-124128] - Fishing bobber is missing its translation string
  • [MC-124372] - Wrong/weird sorting order in tab-completion
  • [MC-124424] - minecraft:load tag does not run on map load
  • [MC-124635] - Cycling through tab suggestions starts at value after highlighted value even if highlighted value differs from currently chosen value
  • [MC-124649] - Nether portals can no longer be activated from the side
  • [MC-124681] - Tab suggestion erroneously suggests second closing square bracket on entity selectors
  • [MC-124683] - Tab suggestion box for entity selector closing square bracket misaligned in certain situations
  • [MC-124684] - Tab suggestion box for entity selectors don't disappear when leaving the argument in an invalid state and beginning the next argument
  • [MC-124695] - Flint and steel in a dispenser loses durability when not igniting
  • [MC-124721] - Command syntax help text can be empty for trailing selectors in some cases
  • [MC-124727] - Tab-completion does not work correctly for tags

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