Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 18w05a - HTML format


  • [MC-2399] - Transparent blocks visually use the brighter light level that they are next to
  • [MC-4923] - Flint and steel and fire charges can place fire at invalid positions
  • [MC-5037] - Riding a pig / horse with a cape causes it to not behave as expected
  • [MC-8471] - Blocks cannot be placed on a block you are next to
  • [MC-55710] - Relative tp from a vehicle applies dismount offset
  • [MC-57332] - Number arguments in command have all int limitation
  • [MC-58556] - Breaking a block being moved by a piston creates missing texture particles
  • [MC-60117] - Upper slabs can't be placed when standing on a lower slab 2 blocks below
  • [MC-64919] - You can place a block through T-intersection glass panes, iron bars and fences when standing inside of hitbox
  • [MC-65774] - Landing particles not showing when land on skulls
  • [MC-88674] - Growing cactus placed on blocks other than (red) sand drops two cacti instead of breaking
  • [MC-89634] - Spreadplayers favours the negative coordinates
  • [MC-105591] - Flint and Steel loses durability and fire charge is used up even if no fire was placed
  • [MC-120296] - F3 + T doesn't reload the data in pack.mcmeta
  • [MC-123460] - JSON parsing exceptions thrown during parsing of pack.mcmeta of data and resource packs are not caught properly
  • [MC-124048] - Tab completing advancement (any?) key with trailing space errors
  • [MC-124056] - The members/target/targets argument of /scoreboard and /team does not tab-complete player names
  • [MC-124360] - OS locale is used for /data get feedback text when specifying the scale argument
  • [MC-124379] - datapacks load functions unreliably
  • [MC-124384] - Trigger objectives are enabled by default
  • [MC-124499] - Missing command feedback for successfully triggering trigger
  • [MC-124616] - /setidletimeout suggests it is in seconds while behaviour is in minutes

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