Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 17w45a - HTML format


  • [MC-32972] - /summon accepts arguments that it will ignore
  • [MC-59511] - Tellraw has incomplete error message when key determining text to display is missing
  • [MC-69042] - /summon coordinate syntax should be different
  • [MC-80856] - Command syntax inconsistencies
  • [MC-80893] - Sender bias (c=1) applies when sender is not the closest entity to specified x/y/z origin
  • [MC-80928] - Player sits too ahead when riding a (skeleton/zombie) horse/donkey/mule
  • [MC-87365] - Incorrect syntax for scoreboard players tag
  • [MC-87559] - Gamerule missing indicator for affected gamerule
  • [MC-101113] - /playsound command is not validating arguments correctly
  • [MC-101135] - Confusing error message for relative coordinates with too high numbers
  • [MC-102682] - Horseshoes and horse leg separated
  • [MC-105820] - Relative decimal coordinates with block related commands are inconsistent
  • [MC-115957] - Advancements, loot tables, resource packs and world folders don't require lower case
  • [MC-116045] - banlist command treats any non "ips" argument as "players"
  • [MC-118308] - Narrator is toggled when typing in some text fields
  • [MC-118565] - Four negative signs in a selector which only has the potential to select one entity will attempt to parse as a UUID and fail
  • [MC-119142] - You can't use multiple tags in a selector.
  • [MC-121281] - Scrollbar in the creative and server menu isn't working with mouse
  • [MC-121282] - Server icons erased on loading multiplayer menu
  • [MC-121283] - Underwater and in lava overlay is missing
  • [MC-121284] - Resource pack and world folder buttons don't work
  • [MC-121288] - Cinematic Camera doesn't work properly
  • [MC-121302] - "Direct connect" button enabled/disabled at wrong times
  • [MC-121314] - Video settings slider text "FS Resolution" doesn't fit
  • [MC-121328] - GUI scales incorrectly
  • [MC-121329] - Pressing "chat" key no longer selects search in creative inventory/recipe book
  • [MC-121334] - [1-9] in creative inventory search tab sends additional keypress to search bar
  • [MC-121396] - WASD keys in a weird order
  • [MC-121418] - Crash when trying to paste non-string clipboard content
  • [MC-121419] - Click and hover events are offset in chat
  • [MC-121421] - Pressing enter in the name or seed field on the create world dialog no longer creates the world
  • [MC-121433] - Non English letters are lower case in controls setting, while English are upper case
  • [MC-121456] - Chunks disappearing after switching windows in fullscreen mode
  • [MC-121468] - Statistics can no longer be ordered by clicking icons
  • [MC-121517] - Fullscreen button will not make game fullscreen
  • [MC-121587] - /reload feedback says it reloaded loot tables, advancements and functions instead of just saying data packs

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