Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 17w16a - HTML format


  • [MC-9565] - Fences and Cobblestone Walls connect to Fence Gates, which are facing the other direction
  • [MC-95560] - Wrong command message: Last character of NBT parsing error message is missing
  • [MC-97662] - NBT parser regex checks for pipebars as tag declaration
  • [MC-113915] - Inadvertently saving/overwriting saved hotbars due to stuck modifier key
  • [MC-114219] - NBT integer array regex matches non integer arrays
  • [MC-114220] - NBT integer arrays have trailing comma in string representation
  • [MC-114889] - Parrots on shoulders disappear when flying up in creative or spectator mode
  • [MC-115046] - Recipe book icon changes when wearing enchanted armor
  • [MC-115336] - Closing crafting menu drops or deletes items in some cases
  • [MC-115528] - Local client crashes when using the new shift click recipe book in a server
  • [MC-115603] - Shift clicking recipe deletes other applicable items with different meta data
  • [MC-115797] - Server output shows errors and nothing else
  • [MC-115802] - Crash when going to Statistics/items-blocks or trying to customize Superflat settings
  • [MC-115806] - Clicking on coloring white bed recipe selects creating bed recipe (placing planks in armor slots of player)
  • [MC-115807] - Game crash if right clicked on the underside of block with torch in hand
  • [MC-115809] - Advancements/recipes notifications don't show correctly in F1 mode.
  • [MC-115812] - Shift + F3 crashes the game
  • [MC-115837] - Gap between advancements and recipe toast
  • [MC-115873] - Can't drop items by clicking outside of inventory
  • [MC-115938] - Toasts darken in some GUIs and while some tooltips are displayed
  • [MC-115942] - Parrots imitating mobs causes null pointer exception
  • [MC-116004] - "Parrot" isn't translatable in the "imitates" subtitle
  • [MC-116136] - Parrots are invisible when on shoulder
  • [MC-116213] - Parrots on your shoulder change color when the player is wearing an enchanted elytra
  • [MC-116314] - Bows destroy other bows while crafting using recipe book
  • [MC-116316] - Shulker boxes not matching the new hues
  • [MC-116352] - Crash when opening the chat settings

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