Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 17w14a - HTML format


  • [MC-114879] - Picking up an item has a chance to duplicate it
  • [MC-114896] - Parrots don't make any sounds when they are on your shoulder
  • [MC-114943] - Items in crafting table disappear when selecting a recipe
  • [MC-114976] - Parrots don't show up on subtitles
  • [MC-114987] - Unknown recipe message not translated
  • [MC-114989] - recipe command causes unknown errors with invalid player argument
  • [MC-114999] - Hover text of items in crafting grid is rendered behind crafting help
  • [MC-115028] - Crafting recipe pop-up renders above items in the inventory gui
  • [MC-115054] - Recipe interface doesn't remember "showing all/craftable" preference when inventory closed
  • [MC-115065] - "loot" reward for advancements does not provide items
  • [MC-115067] - All instances of entity-matching conditions do not function for advancements
  • [MC-115074] - Potion effects are still rendered under the recipe book
  • [MC-115100] - Hover text of items in crafting help does not use same text and text box like hovering over item in inventory
  • [MC-115107] - Helmet does not render after using autorecipe feature
  • [MC-115123] - Parrots keep moving their legs even if they are on shoulders
  • [MC-115129] - Missing crafting recipe resources render in front of item description
  • [MC-115153] - recipe command not showing an error with invalid first argument
  • [MC-115175] - New crafting menu texture bug
  • [MC-115191] - Parrots disappear completely when leaving the End via a portal
  • [MC-115204] - Crash when canceling/changing recipe in recipe book with full inventory
  • [MC-115209] - Crafting Book Not Accounting for Item Count
  • [MC-115409] - Parrots can be picked up while leashed to a fence

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