Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 1.11.2 - HTML format


  • [MC-13727] - Arrows shot from bow bounce on horse when moving or not and damage if fire arrows
  • [MC-16311] - Zombie Spawning
  • [MC-17948] - Incorrect dispenser sound with Flint & Steel
  • [MC-38385] - Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bad Base64 input character at 4036: 5 (Caused by corrupt servers.dat)
  • [MC-44589] - Ridden boats not teleporting by @e
  • [MC-45104] - Infinite Rotation Beyond Bounds While in Menu
  • [MC-51266] - Severely decreased Blaze attack range
  • [MC-55730] - Light from previous blocks still there after clone/fill
  • [MC-55835] - Interaction with granite, diorite and andesite is not immediately tracked under block stats
  • [MC-56364] - /clone .... replace move works improperly when power source is moved
  • [MC-66364] - Hostile Creatures Sound Slider changes volume of Slime Blocks.
  • [MC-78684] - Spawning a mob with a spawn egg in a block on fire doesn't light that mob on fire
  • [MC-78862] - Setting CustomName to a blank string doesn't remove the custom name
  • [MC-83249] - Shulker projectiles sometimes don't despawn
  • [MC-87565] - Conversion to integers in packets causes loss of information in entities and results in desychronisation of the server and client
  • [MC-89016] - Execute With Setworldspawn Unusual Bugs
  • [MC-89785] - Missing block names in failed testforblock command feedback
  • [MC-90457] - Elevator with slime block
  • [MC-93172] - Food Metre Updating Only Visually
  • [MC-94568] - Clicking a tipped arrow in mid-air will turn it into an item
  • [MC-94738] - Entity movement happens independently from executing commands
  • [MC-99688] - Shield disabling by axes: It doesn't actually disable
  • [MC-100801] - Client connecting to server without notifying session service causes NullPointerException for server
  • [MC-100877] - Incorrect sound effect during dispense
  • [MC-101759] - /stopsound command doesn't mute specific sounds in master source
  • [MC-101834] - Error When Using Eye of Ender and generate-structures=false
  • [MC-103130] - naturalRegeneration can disable to Regen status effect
  • [MC-111645] - Cobblestone walls can be jumped over
  • [MC-111650] - java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking Entity (Chicken Jockey)

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