Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 16w50a - HTML format


  • [MC-3607] - Some entities, enchanted gear and end portals render white while in fog / red while in lava
  • [MC-7222] - 1-9 keys, hoppers/droppers and shift-clicking ignore stacking restrictions
  • [MC-23039] - Dropped item disappear in Creative
  • [MC-33383] - Lag while taking screenshot with F2 in singleplayer
  • [MC-64702] - Cullface on snowlayer not working properly
  • [MC-67665] - Mouse click position always lags a few frames behind the crosshair
  • [MC-88484] - Decimal numbers are displayed using the default Locale value
  • [MC-92330] - "Fish Caught", "Junk Fished" and "Treasure Fished" Statistics do not work
  • [MC-93991] - Experience orbs play multiple instances of their sound when picked up
  • [MC-101197] - Cannot use leads on wild ocelots
  • [MC-104778] - Non-hostile wild wolves and ocelots cannot be put on leashes
  • [MC-105049] - Infinite Durability for Carrot on a stick
  • [MC-106117] - Clouds flicker between different positions when spectating minecart
  • [MC-106199] - "minecraft:" is not optional for entity ID in EntityTag and Spawners
  • [MC-107638] - Baby Zombie Villager Voice sounds deep as adult version
  • [MC-108319] - XP orbs sound effects mostly play high pitch sounds
  • [MC-108673] - Fences and cobble walls moved by pistons don't move entities in the upper part of their collision box
  • [MC-109028] - Picking up a flower from a Flower Pot makes no sound when you already have that flower in your inventory
  • [MC-109038] - Spawner with missing "minecraft:" in entity id (or with not lowercased entity id) spawns this entity until you reload the world
  • [MC-109805] - Farmland can be placed on invalid locations
  • [MC-109831] - Heads in inventory face backwards.
  • [MC-109833] - "commands.title.usage" uses a different syntax
  • [MC-110065] - Shift-Jumping on Magma Block deals damage to the player
  • [MC-110076] - Weighted Pressure Plate name gets truncated when applying enchanted book in anvil
  • [MC-110094] - Entities can fall through moving fences
  • [MC-110234] - Renaming a Wither doesn't change the boss bar
  • [MC-110247] - Moving blocks can move entities into other moving blocks (also when they move in a different direction)
  • [MC-110333] - Mounted horse disappeared after 1.11 upgrade
  • [MC-110399] - Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get property atw{name=facing, clazz=class cv, values=[down, up, north, south, west, east]} as it does not exist in atk{block=minecraft:<block>, properties=[]}
  • [MC-110474] - Activator Rail ejects 2 high Mobs to the wrong spot inside of 2 high rooms
  • [MC-110598] - Unicode characters which are not converted 1:1 when calling toLowerCase result in wrong formatting
  • [MC-110756] - Llama yellow carpet model error
  • [MC-110783] - Final firework rocket of a stack does not explode
  • [MC-110808] - Eating Pufferfish in a stack of 1 does not give debuffs

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