Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 1.11 - HTML format


  • [MC-2298] - Placing fence gates right beside a redstone source will not update them to the open state
  • [MC-2573] - Potions and Food are consumed on death
  • [MC-32473] - When you use /summon to make a boat riding a mob & then ride the boat the mob walks in one direction only
  • [MC-61423] - Wither skulls quickly switch between positions when riding boats
  • [MC-63640] - Lightning Bolts do not appear if they are more than 95 blocks away from the player.
  • [MC-67092] - Setblock or Fill does not instantly update Beacon Beam colors
  • [MC-78779] - commands with optional player argument have missing error translation in command blocks
  • [MC-79817] - Fishing Rod Bobber Unusually Suffocating
  • [MC-80251] - FallingSand other than the default ones cause error when traveling trough end portal
  • [MC-80903] - Pistons and Fence Gates
  • [MC-87801] - Unknown Pack Image is the Default Pack image instead of unknown_pack.png
  • [MC-93090] - Cursor position not updated correctly when opening inventory
  • [MC-93822] - Feeding baby horse does not create green growing particles
  • [MC-99831] - Shield blocking not viewing correctly
  • [MC-102076] - Mob hitboxes cause a forced auto-jump
  • [MC-103420] - Character glides around as if using an Elytra at random times even if one is not equipped
  • [MC-105846] - Various netty exceptions kick me from server in 1.10.2
  • [MC-106679] - Marker of map in item frame appears white instead of green if outside of map
  • [MC-107494] - Cannot summon Vex with empty right hand
  • [MC-108928] - Piston suffocates player when walking into it
  • [MC-109399] - Entities inside the base of an extended piston get moved in front of it on retraction
  • [MC-109949] - Version 1.11 deletes old MinecartSpawners
  • [MC-110074] - Curse of Vanishing can be applied to all items/blocks in survival
  • [MC-110092] - Outdated Java version warning not appearing in title screen

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