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  • [MC-2573] - Potions and Food are consumed on death
  • [MC-4582] - Can't eat, throw, or shoot while looking at an Iron Door/Iron Trapdoor
  • [MC-5330] - Range for using bed is lower than normal range
  • [MC-9691] - Inconsistency: Some wooden items don't burn in furnaces
  • [MC-14525] - name tag item doesn't work on entities with right click ability
  • [MC-30630] - Double grass and fern use 2 different biome colors for top and bottom
  • [MC-49666] - Trades Not Randomized for Farmer Villager
  • [MC-59888] - Tall grass (top) particles are sunflower texture with broken pallete
  • [MC-75726] - Broken error message when loading (broken?) resource packs
  • [MC-82811] - Attempting to use currently unusable items bobs item up and down
  • [MC-82965] - Main hand item use animation plays when using offhand (3rd person mode)
  • [MC-87048] - Putting Design on Shield will cause Shield to lose Enchantment
  • [MC-90538] - Elytra not placeable on Armour Stand
  • [MC-91209] - Inconsistent word separation in chat help for F3+[key] combinations (resourcepacks, renderdistance)
  • [MC-92294] - Elder Guardians drop normal sponge instead of wet sponge
  • [MC-93371] - No armor stand breaking sound in creative mode
  • [MC-94303] - Filling/emptying bucket/bottle sound doesn't play for cauldrons
  • [MC-94597] - Shooting an arrow prints "added speed" in the Game Output
  • [MC-97808] - Not canceled that draw a bow
  • [MC-98779] - Skeletons spawned with /summon or natural spawning algorithm are not in the correct height
  • [MC-102683] - "Elder Guardian Flops" showed as "Guardian Flops" in subtitles
  • [MC-106030] - No longer receives xp when shift clicking ingots in furnace
  • [MC-106043] - Placing a banner that was in a stack of 1 causes it to lose it's data
  • [MC-106045] - Fishing rod does not appear cast in off-hand
  • [MC-106067] - Unable to dye banners
  • [MC-106072] - Resource pack loaded as FOLDER doesn't show ingame anymore
  • [MC-106100] - Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking block entity
  • [MC-106101] - Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
  • [MC-106116] - Achievements which rely on crafting the item (such as Benchmarking or Time to strike!) don't unlock when shift-clicking
  • [MC-106133] - Stray / Wither Skeleton / Pillager with Tipped Arrow in Offhand No Longer Shoot Tipped Arrows
  • [MC-106152] - Zombie Villager has no independent subtitles
  • [MC-106168] - Using spawn egg on side of block spawns mobs inside transparent blocks
  • [MC-106172] - Wither Skeleton / Zombie Pigman emits a constant hissing sound despite not being on fire when standing on a submerged fence
  • [MC-106190] - Husk / Zombie Villager drop zombie head when killed by charged creepers
  • [MC-106193] - No enchantment books when you fishing

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